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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Foods For Thoughts

Befores I begin talkings about da foods, I should tells you someting abouts da Lenny.

Lenny has been learning to talks better. 

He has also decided dat he is Scottish.

Lemme splain dis to you........

Lenny has been watching a lot of da TVs lately. He discovered dat Scottish pibbles likes kilts. So Lenny tinks to himselfs: "I likes kilts too. I kilt da curtains. I kilt da moosies. I kilt da she-pibble's choos. I kilt alla stuffs. I even kilt da dangly bits on da chandumleer. I mus be da Scottish cat".

So nows, Lenny is goings around talking likes da Scottish pibbles. Is annoying, but also is amusings.

Och, aye ye grit bawfaced, bi-coolered gaberlunzie! Lemme 'ave a go at yon bloggy!   

Not right now Lenny, Squiggy still talking. You go play now. Let Squiggy finish dis. Mebbe you talks later.

So todays Squiggy gonna talks about da foods. My prede....prayde........preadacess.......da cat (Cujo) who lived here befores me, always was scratchin on his blog dat there was no varieties of da foods. He said dat pibbles get lotsa varieties in their foods, but nod da kitties. He sayin alla time dat it was not fairs.

I does not find dis to be da case. You sees, when Squiggy first  got heres, there was two foods: "Hill's Science Diet Hairball Control Light" for da tabbies, and "Hill's Science Diet Kitten Formula" for da Squiggs (dat's me). But da pibbles thinked to demselves: "Tabbies, dey gettin olders. Mebbe dey needs sumpting more suited to their ages". So dey goes out and gets "Hill's Science Diet Senor Formula". (I tink is Mexican-flavored). 

Ivan likes new foods. Tiger Lily likes new foods. I likes new foods. But, Jaq no likes new foods. 

Now we has three foods. I no like kitten foods anymores. So we have full bag of kitten foods dat I won't eats, We have full bag of hairball foods dat pibbles won't serve, and we have full bag of Senor foods dat Jaq won't eats.

Dis is problem for pibbles. They say I should eats kitten foods so I grow up to be big mancat. But I wanna eats da Senor foods. Ivan wanna eat da kitten foods, but shouldn't because he already big mancat and they don't want him gettin bigger. Tiger Lily okay because she really likes new foods. Jaq don't likes any of da foods.

So pibbles go back to store. They buy new wet foods for Jaq. They buy "Hill's Science Diet Juvenile Formula" for Squiggs (dat's me). They buy Hill's Science Diet Senor Light Formula for Ivan and Tiger Lily.

Jaq likes her new foods. Ivan and Tiger Lily likes their new foods. I like Ivan and Tiger Lily's new foods. 

I no like my new foods. Ivan likes my new foods.

Now, I tink we have seven foods.

Everyting seems settled nows.

Uh-oh!! We gets new kitten!

They buy new kitten foods for Lenny.
I like Lenny's foods.
Ivan likes Lenny's foods.
Tiger Lily likes Lenny's foods.
Jaq likes Lenny's foods.
Lenny NO likes Lenny's foods.

Pibbles are no happy.  

Noboody taught ta ask me, did ya, ye heartless bastids??

Hush Lenny,  Squiggy still talking.

So pibbles go back to store. They buys "Hill's Science Diet Senor Indoor Formula", "Hill's Science Diet Early Development Formula", "Hill's Science Diet Adult Maintenance Formula", and "Hill's Science Diet Middle-Aged Health Formula".

My foods closet is starting to looks like PetCo.

I would tell you nows who likes what foods, but I have lost tracks. I do not tink dat the pibbles even know what foods they are giving us anymore. They just puts some of each kinds out and we eats out of whatever bowls we likes.

The pibbles tink they knows what we are eatings, but I have my doubts.  

If only they could find some "Hill's Science Diet Picky Nutso Multi-Cat Formula".


  1. Is there a formula for cats and dogs? Our cats are eating the dogs' foods.

  2. Youu need to check out the best cat foods list, I swear by it

    1. I will looks after Lenny goes to beds.....If Lenny ever goes to beds.

  3. Squigs- tell your pibble that Hills has a promise/guarantee for bags that are more than halfway full still for returning goods that you guys won't eat.... so no more petco closet... maybe they have haggis flavored kibble for Lenny...

    1. I will tells them. They verry thick-headed, so Squiggs makes no promises.

  4. Yeah, Squiggy - you got it right about the "Hill's Science Diet Picky Nutso Multi-Cat Formula" because that's what I need for my cat family too! Good Luck, Squiggy. Oh, and Carry On!

  5. Lenny be kind to your Pipples, they love you. Eat your foods they give you.

    1. Of course they loves me. But I eats what I wants!

  6. Oh my! Had to stop reading dis miny times cuz of leakin eyz. So many laufs. Squiggly has learnt bloggin real gud.

    Lenny a Scottish cat...really? He gunna be shocked if he meets fellow Scottyz. MOL!

  7. Hehehehehe, so happys you likes!


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